Who We Are

Our mission is to use sweet soul music to change the world. That’s it. We aim to achieve this in a few ways…

First, we listen to some good old-fashioned soul music. Said music causes us to think good thoughts. These thoughts are translated into funky fresh, soul-stirring threads and down home goods that rep a feel-good lifestyle. (Printed in the USA!)

You see our clothes and feel that goodness in your own soul, hopefully buying a piece or two for you and the fam. A minimum of 10% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to our Critical Cause, (currently the Soulville Foundation). Every non-profit we work with does further good to propel their worthy cause—creating progress that sparks a chain reaction of goodness throughout the world! Good Lawd! 

Meanwhile, you're walking around town in a shirt that has a soul-inspired message, spreading that soulful inspiration to anyone and everyone you meet. ...Letting folks know, 'Hey my friend—things might feel tough right now—but that doesn't mean we can't still dance, sing, hope, and believe. We're gonna get through this.' Yeah, you're saying a lot. Just by wearing a t-shirt.

Our belief is this: The goodness generated by a single soul song can sprout and spread into the lives of many. And you, my friend, are the fuel for that music-powered machine. 

Soul Man Prints, Mandy Hicks, Founder, in A Little Tenderness Soul Music Unisex TshirtHow’d we get here? Founder Mandy Hicks went from graphic designer, to 6th grade math teacher, to mom, back to designer, and now—after pining and dreaming—to small business owner / aspiring do-gooder. A burning desire to contribute led her to the classroom. An unwavering need to be with her firstborn led her back home. A raging fury over recent events in our country and ongoing issues in our world, coupled with her roots as eternal soul enthusiast, led her to found SMP. (Simply put, she wanted to do something and she loves soul.) So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for finding Soul Man Prints, for supporting our small but mighty movement with your generous business, and for being so damn groovy through it all. With that said, please let us know what you dream, think, need, wonder...whenever you feel so inclined. We seriously love y'all!

Do you. Do good.